BHLC Software Development was founded in 2014 to provide turnkey solutions for the growing number of companies requiring custom cloud-based software solutions and/or offline in-house systems development and computer programming at affordable rates.

Although our focus is on PHP programming and MySQL database administration in a Bootstrap environment, we can assist with a wide range of technologies and related protocols, such as web development, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, web and email hosting, 3D design, bulk mail and mailing list maintenance.

Having done work for big names like NOSA, SAIP, NIHSS, HSRC, Michelin SA, Fertasa and the CSIR, we have extensive experience in most areas associated with the world wide web, including web and email hosting, DNS, mail routing and protocol, HTML coding, cross-browser compatibility, etc.

We are available for ad-hoc work, on larger long-term projects or on a retainer, and with negotiable hourly tariffs depending on the size and duration of a project.

PHP Development

More than 80% of modern websites are built on PHP, so if you are looking for help to integrate a PHP-based module, or for a developer to help with a large, long-term project, we have a knack for problem-solving and coming up with killer solutions in record time.

Software Programming

Sometimes off-the-shelf software packages simply fall short of your requirements. We can assist with custom-developed cloud software solutions, workflow and task management systems, online booking systems and more – also as offline solutions.

Web Design, SEO & Hosting

We cut our teeth on run-of-the-mill website design and search engine optimisation, with over 600 websites behind our name. We also offer all associated service such as domain registration, web and email hosting, email and social media marketing and more.

3D Design

We have great 3D conceptualisers with a keen eye for detail and strong analytical skills. Using mostly Google Sketchup, we can conjure up realistic 3D renderings of basic items such as furniture, or advanced engineering items such as automotive parts.