Sometimes off-the-shelf software packages simply fall short of your requirements. We can assist with custom-developed cloud software solutions, workflow and task management systems, online booking systems and more – also as offline solutions.

We have to date developed millions of lines of code for our clients for a multitude of software solutions:

  • Booking systems
  • Self-listing systems
  • In-house communication systems
  • Workflow process systems
  • Public and private forums
  • Task management systems
  • CRM systems
  • CPD skills tracking systems
  • Student registration systems
  • Sports management systems
  • Sports scoreboards
  • Quiz & poll systems
  • Online auction & bidding systems
  • Document management and tracking systems
  • Custom content management systems
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Corporate assessment systems
  • E-learning systems

We cater for projects of various sizes, from relatively small at 20 hours to comparatively large at 500 development hours stretching over several months.